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Brittany Verras, MPH, RD, LD, CSSD, DipACLM

Hey there - I'm a clinical dietitian in Atlanta, GA. Prior to studying nutrition, I earned a Master's degree in public health, and my undergrad was in media communications. I am in clinic most days of the week providing care to students at Emory University. It's a true dream job! I've also passed the board certification exams for lifestyle medicine and sports dietetics and try to bring as much of that knowledge to my patients as possible. I find nutrition to be the ultimate form of self care and serves as a really strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. 

I started following a plant-based diet about 10 years ago; the science is too strong to ignore.  I've found it also benefits the environment and animal welfare so it's a win-win all around. Not only does eating this way make me feel awesome, I also have confidence that I am investing in myself and my health. I want to live a long, vibrant life and this is the way to do it. Plus it's super tasty, which is a requirement. 

When I am not practicing or writing about nutrition, I am at the ATL United games, the gym (shout out to CrossFit Downtown ATL), or eating out! I love to explore Atlanta's restaurant scene so check out my Instagram for delicious plant-based options in the city (@eatwell_atl).  

I also have type 1 diabetes so special love out there to all my fellow T1Ds. 

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